• 1. What’s QikSteals?

    QikSteals is a totally free service that identify deals by monitoring price drops on products from 20+ Amazon categories.

  • 2. What’s unique about QikSteals service?

    QikSteals catches deals only from Amazon, not from any other online retailer. Amazon is the biggest online selling platform on the planet and carries millions up on millions of products across multiple categories. Everyday it has many deals available to consumers across the global and QikSteals provides the mean to catch these deals, 24 x 7. Deals will be displayed as soon as they are detected by price-drop monitoring engine. QikSteals filters all deals and only select products that have ample reviews, good rating and are sold either by Amazon itself or by Amazon third party sellers with performance rating of at least 95%.

  • 3. How does QikSteals maintain its operation?

    We are very transparent. We are able to offer such excellent deal service for free because we take part in Amazon’s Associate program. For details, please read our disclaimer.

  • 4. Do I have to register to use the service?

    No. It’s 100% free to use. Registering will provide you with three additional benefits. Firstly, it enable you to save your favorite products for later review because deals are constantly being updated. Secondly, you can set up price tracker to monitor price drop on products you are interested in. When the price drops below your set threshold, you will be notified immediately via email, so you won’t miss a good deal on item you desire. Lastly, we are able to provide you with all the updates on additional features we plan on adding to the service.

  • 5. What’s the minimum price drop on deals found on QikSteals?

    We identify deals that are at least 50% off from its normal listed price.

  • 6. Why don’t I see the displayed discount price when I click and go to the Amazon product page?

    Most of the time this is because the price on the product has gone up. What happens is that often Amazon or a third party seller put products on sales for a limited time. Another possibility is that some items have very limited stock and they become unavailable when they run out of inventory. If that’s a product you are after, you can set up a price tracker in QikSteals.

  • 7. What’s the price history of a product in a deal?

    The price history will display the price fluctuation of a product over time since it’s been tracked. If the current price is not the lowest in its price history, you can always set up a price tracker in QikSteals to monitor future price drop. On the price history graph, any orange section will indicate Amazon itself is one of the sellers. Since Amazon can be out of stock on a product from time to time, you will see that being reflected on the graph.

  • 8. How frequently are the deals updated?

    Deals will become available as they meet QikSteals screening criteria; therefore, deals come in all the time, 24 x 7. Deals will be refreshed every 24 hours. Some deals will last longer than 24 hours, therefore it’s possible to see the same deals again the next day.

  • 9. Does QikSteals offer any price comparison features?

    Yes. We understand online retailers often do price matching against each other. For that, we provide price comparison by using Google Shopping. By clicking the “Compare $” button for each deal, you will be directed to Google Shopping to see if any other online retailer might have a better price.

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